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My sign in name is Way2lon and, no! I ain't gonna explain why but it has nothing to do with a certain Mr Jennings (country singer) though I do like his work a lot as well as I like country music too. However, I don't specialize in 'country' as I like several different types of music except 'rap'.

I am a senior citizen living in Scotland where I expect to abide for the rest of my life and my real name is Dave. Like a lot of members here, I have a recording studio which utilizes the medium of computers in that I use a digital audio workshop (DAW). Mine is Mixcraft by Acoustica. I have been a beta tester for them for six years now so I think I can say I am an expert with Mixcraft.

I am not a proficient musician as such in that I play guitar and keyboard quite badly. I am, however, a good drummer as I learned to play drums in the RAF military band where they taught me how to play para-diddles and 'mommy/daddy' rolls. I then went on to become a beat drummer in Berlin in the sixties with a band you don't need to know the name of.

That band however, went professional without me and became quite well known in Britain as 'Hedge-Hoppers Anonymous'. Sometimes I wish I had stayed with the drumming but, hey! that's life and fate.  There's not much call for drummers these days when you're 'over the hill' so I stick to digital drums.  Here at Two Track Music I am developing a talent for singing though I tend to do just covers not being adept enough to create my own backing. I love to collaborate with other good musicians though on virtually anything they ask of me. Recently I've been experimenting with loops to create backings and I have written a couple of songs for these. So I may yet expand my talents to songwriter/vocalist.

My function at TTM is purely as a member who likes to visit everyday and take an active part in most of the features. I also run a feature of my own called IDIOT which is on the front page and is all about interviewing other members. Take a look if and when you finish reading here. Click the IDIOT tab on the front page.

Not much more to say except that I am probably the oldest member of this site so I claim my seniority here and now in print for all to see. Not that it will do me much good..............these guys are nuts (well! Some are anyway).

I would recommend anybody who is remotely interested in music to become a member of this unique site. You won't regret it and you may develop like I have done with the help of some good friends here.