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The ‘Open DAW Challenge’ (ODC) started life back in November 2005 as the KAE Challenge, so called because it was based on the premise of using only the Krystal Audio Engine DAW for recording and mixing.  Some of the original participants are still active in the challenge, others have moved on, and new people join the challenge periodically.  In any case, it’s always an enjoyable listen when each monthly challenge is finished and the songs are posted.  In general, the basic rules of the challenge are as follows:

The winner of the prior month’s challenge chooses the rules and theme for the current month’s challenge.  Every song has to be an original, abide by the rules and theme set forth, and be a completely new production written and played specifically for the challenge.

In late 2011, the challenge was moved away from being specific to KAE, and opened to everyone using any DAW software, which required the name change to the ‘Open DAW Challenge’.  This opened the playing field to more entrants, and a wider variety of music.

Any and all members of the TTM forums can join in on the fun with the ODC.  If you’re not yet a forum member, just register and jump in.  We’d love to have you.