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Joom for short.  I keep the lights on here at TTM and try to help Schprocket and WhiteStrat73 (our global moderators) with maintenance and upkeep as much as possible.

I started Two Track Music in January of 2005 as a place where a few like minded people who enjoyed music could hang out and chat, and make a little music together while chatting. Things started slowly due to a lack of initial time to invest in the site, but eventually a few wayward artists found their way here. Things grew from there, and the rest is history.  So yes, if you build it, people will come.

Though I run a number of other various forums and websites, TTM is my go to place to hang out.  You just couldn’t find a greater, and nicer, bunch of talented people.  Members here come out with new songs on a regular basis, and it’s always a pleasure to sit down and see what new song the day might bring.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with most of the members here at least once, and it’s always been fun, interesting, and a rewarding experience.  Occasionally we get a new member who stays a while, then moves on, but most of our members have been around a long time and have a commitment to their music, whether it’s a hobby for them or a profession.

Basically, I just like this place.

I don’t sing or play much myself these days, so my primary contribution to songs is lyric writing and production.  I do still love to sing, but I can no longer always find those elusive notes and keys that I’m told are “correct”.

Back JustOneOldMan SoundCloud Page You can find a few samples of my……..ummmm………work (yeah, that’s the word) by clicking the link below.  And I hope to see you visitors in the forums soon. And a Video