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The IDIOT is a monthly interview of a chosen TTM member, with our own Way2lon doing the interview.  Way2lon always asks pertinent and revealing questions, and gives us an informative and interesting look into our members’ musical history.  You can find this month’s interview here, as well as links to the interview archives.

Please note that interviews are “as available”, and may not be published monthly (or regularly).

Archived IDIOTs Message From Way2lon

Hello and welcome to new readers.  Let me first explain what the IDIOT page is all about.

We have chosen the initial letters I.D.I.O and T as an abbreviation for In Depth Interview Or Two.  But, of course, it has another meaning as a word in itself.  It's not meant as an insult. On the contrary, to be interviewed for our front page is an honor for any of our members.  The choice for IDIOT of the month is usually made by asking the last interviewee who they would like to choose for the next interview and usually has gone by that rule so far. We have interviewed 13 members so far, and the archived interviews can be found here.  To be nominated for IDIOT you need to be a member and have posted at least ten times on any of our forums. You also have to be nominated as explained but, you could just be chosen if we don't have any nominations from previous IDIOTs.

If you are chosen I will email you with a few basic questions in order to get a feel for your profile and then I will send a second set of more in depth questions. I try not to get too personal with any questions or ask anything which I think may be embarrassing, but I always give the interviewee the choice on answering or not.  Once the draft interview is concluded, I will send it for approval before publication.  The interviews have proved popular on the site and most members enjoy reading about their colleagues and fellow members.  Visitors also appreciate being able to get a little background on artists they listen to here.

You may consider joining Two Track Music and, hopefully, consider giving me an interview in due course.

Dave (Way2lon)

Interview for March 2014 is RKennett Click Here To Read The Interview Read Past Interviews