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Track 1. Love This Place - NINE

Track 2. Lies - Jahva  (SoundCloud Page)
One time I answered a want-ad... it read: No good cheatin lying SOB lookin for the same.  There was

something honest about her words even if it only lasted a few weeks…once I found out she was a
hooker…but hey, I did get this song out of it… Oh, and a rash… but it eventually went away!

Track 3. Mind Games - Glenn  (SoundCloud Page)
A song about the stupid games people play when they're in serious relationships. Sometimes the tables get turned, and the players don't always 'get' what they expect out of the 'game play'.  Lyrics & Music, performed and produced by Glenn Hubert (C) 2014.  More from Glenn Hubert: http://www.gmhcafestore.ca/

Track 4. Up Tight Not Right - Smurf
“There are two sides to every view....”    Vocals by the impeccable Mr. Dino…

Track 5. Cowboys & Indians - Whitestrat  (SoundCloud Page)

Track 6. Stars - RKennett

Track 7. Kylie’s Song - Neilmac  (SoundCloud Page)
"A song about my best girl - Kylie. Drummed and mixed by Whitestrat, everything else by me"

Track 8. Have I Fallen - Agradeleous  (SoundCloud Page)

Track 9. I Shouldn’t Be Driving - Frankenxstein

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