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Track 1. Superstars of Mars - Spiral

Track 2. The River - ComboBob  (SoundCloud Page)
This tells the story of the 1972 film Deliverance.  Thanks again to Russell on keyboards for the beautiful

Violin and french horn.  Voted best Challenge song for February 2009

Track 3. Here Comes The Rain - Gazebo

Track 4. Edge of Forever - GC
Life through the rear view mirror.  It's the blues, strongly influenced by rock & complicated by jazz.
Lyrics:  Just One Old Man.  Musical arrangement, guitars, bass & vocals:  GC.
Special thanks to:  S-Gear 2, Amplitube 3, Toontrack EZD, & Reaper.

Track 5. Never Been Apart - Toadman  (SoundCloud Page)
My thanks to the people who made this song possible: Schprocket - All vocals   Joom - Lyrics    GC - Bass

Track 6. Nightwatch - OneTrackMind

The song was very quickly recorded. The lyrics were add Libs. Then I realised I could go further and over time added more layers (more guitar parts, a proper chorus and backing vocals). The beat and simple 3 chords gives it energy and drive.

Track 7. Run For Cover - Dino  (SoundCloud Page)

Track 8. Ribit - Way2lon  (SoundCloud Page)

Track 9. One Lonely Bell - papaG  (SoundCloud Page)
"You gave up your life, for my freedom. All I can give you...is a song."

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